If you get bored a lot, or have kids who get bored a lot, this non-electronic change of pace might suit you. It is a Do-It-Yourself simple board game idea I came up with in several books when I was eleven years old. Take some wood, cardboard, or paper, and make squares. They can be any color or in this case all colors. Grab a die or a pair of dice, use something to make your place, and you have all you need. I guess having something to write with like a marker, crayon, or sharpie would also help out. If you'd like, find a cool box from hobby lobby or even goodwill (on some occasions) to hold everything.

You cut out squares, or in the case of multiple pages of paper, just draw a sequence of squares. One side of the cut out squares would have an 'X' on it while the other side will be blank. If paper, just draw random 'X' marks on some of the spaces (no more than three in a row) and use a different sheet for each board. The more spaces with an 'X', the harder the game will be. This game can be one player or any amount of players.

To play, roll a die or two dice, whichever your own rules allow. Move that number of spaces. If you land on an 'X', then you die, get hurt, or just lose. Now you have to return to start. If one player, the object is to get to finish. If more than one player, the object is to get to the finish FIRST. If the board is a challenge, long, with a lot of 'X' spaces, then you may time yourself and beat your best time if you want to add even more of a challenge.

Props to DJ Payne at the Mooresville Countertop Shop for helping me construct this with free scraps!