After finishing the Project Warlock soundtrack, I've dedicated a portion of my garage to be my at home studio. A dude cave complete with all my equipment and computers for future projects.

My partner on the Hell portion of the soundtrack, Luke Wilson, mailed me a M-Audio ProjectMix I/O mixing board I still need to try out now that I bought a firewire card to process it.

There are close to one hundred twelve-disc mediapac binders much like library audio book binders that I got from to house a lot of my project files and miscellaneous old game discs from the 1990's

I also have a massive floppy and 100MB ZIP disk collection going on in modern day for some reason. I just liked decorating the things. It's good when you want to immediately find what you're looking for as a backup instead of perusing terabytes of data on external drives.

There are also about 40 computer programming and web/3d/animation books from college, 107 leather pocket journals (numbered since 2011) and regular "year by year" journals for taking notes as well, but due to size also for creating drafts of large design projects.

This shed/shack also serves as an office for other important things, and gaming displays with a few shrines, like the 90's Doom shrine of goods I have saved over the decades.