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My name would be Jerry Lehr and since 14 I've been both a computer geek and an aspiring musician. My beginnings included making up piano songs around ages 4-5 that were pretty valid, guitar lessons in 2nd grade that helped out with that, and in 7th grade, acoustic lessons and a plethera (4 albums worth) of 3-4 chord songs I would practice similar in style to nirvana, beck, or green day.

By age 16 I had discovered some friends into music and created a band. It featured another 4 albums of goth/grunge/metal similar to nine inch nails if trent reznor just played guitar minus all the electronics. By 2000 after moving out to Monrovia, Indiana I started plugging my guitar, keyboard and amp directly in the computer and recording solo goods. I started out without any of these devices plugged in creating what was then called "The Dybbuk" but now known as the first 10 tracks of 'MAKINA'. Then I resurrected a lot of the high school band's tracks and sprinkled them across the rest of MAKINA, ANAMORPHOSIS, and PHENOMALY which you can listen to and purchase by clicking the NOISE button on the left.

In college 2003-2005 at ITT Tech I came up with somewhere around 250 tracks for use with our gaming projects and for future games that had not happened yet. It wasn't until I was 36 that a lot of them finally went to use after extreme makeovers to become the background music used in Project Warlock.

I hope to expand on this section with a discography/game history of all the projects I've yet to have ;) A friend and I, and my girlfriend and his friend, are working on a game of our own starring a cat as well.

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or try out Absolute Audio, which is me and Luke, a team specifically created for game soundtracks.